One of the Japanese historical traditions as “Honekami” (Biting a bone) is a noble funeral culture, but not the cannibalism.


We have a culture so-called “Honekami”, means “Biting a bone” ,partly in Japan.

The news in Japan, LBB TODAY 2018/2/11, the recent young generation may not know, said that Ms. Remi Hirano, the cooking advisor, had eaten her dead father’s bones.


Honekami is a kind of the funeral manners and the passionate ceremony in Japan, and people will regret for a past person with biting and eating a piece of bone of the person after cremation.

Recently we don’t meet the such situations so many, but the some regions in Japan would usually proceed it until 80th.

Of course, everybody must be surprised at first to hear the fact. Eating a human bone should be a terrible thing, in spite of some regular habit Anyway, oh my God!


This habit, however, was born by love.

People wish to have something of the departed saint not to say good-bye. So, beginning of this habit was that someone licked a piece of human bone. Therefore, love makes people to eat a bone.


Eat to dedicate not to kill. 

This habit has been inherited as the culture because the performance would be noble.

Eating bones must be same as the cannibalism but that will be the different motive and the different aspect.

Think about us! You can usually eat animal bones, don’t you? Also, Fish bones and pig bone soup, good food for your health, don’t you like to eat?

No wonder eating human bones! No one can kill to eat. It’s just your mind.



As results, how we can eat, not what we eat.

Our minds will be important, there is no relation with the fact.



You couldn’t become to be a mermaid if you ate a fish, and you also couldn’t be same as the departed saint if you ate a bone.

On the other word, there is no border between you and the departed saint from the beginning. You could find it if you would try a biting bone. There is no distance to the departed saint after eating a bone. No difference between them, anyway.


Actually, what is death and life?

“When the living beings were born and how they were dead certainly?”

There should be no answer scientifically and religiously at this moment.

For example, brain death and abortion must be the realistic concerned issues.


In a point of some views of religion, there is no border between you and me. Death is not real, just understanding, because everything is flowing without substance.



If you will hate a biting bone or, if you can like any animal bone soups, it’s alright!

Just on you!


A quick method to understand sanctity of the “Homekami “(Biting bone)

While I was writing this article, I let a fart “Pbbt!” then suddenly a revelation came to me.


A fart must be a gas from process of digesting, is it?

It means that that is dead body of a food which I ate!

That is a kind of gaseous ashes, with a fragrance!


Therefore, sniffing a fart must be basically same as the “Honekami”(Biting bone).

Oh my goodness, I could feel sanctity on a fart throwing.



I leave my will.

  1. Take a fart throwing fight when my funeral.Keep you physical condition to be best having potatoes before my funeral. If you could escape by any shameful reason, you might be punished.
  2. If you feel boring on monk readings, tell his ears from behind with a fart throwing,“Is this ‘Nothing’ in Buddhism?”
  3. If you couldn’t satisfied with his reaction, all of people in the funeral have to make a noise, Boo Bo!

It’s over, please follow in after.


A fart smell changes depending on a food which you ate. Smelling must be a human sense and has a variety of feelings.

A fart smell changes depending on a food which you ate. Smelling must be a human sense and has a variety of feelings.




No silent fart, please.