Japanese people don’t think “If the slaughterhouse could be glass-walled, everybody would be a vegetarian.”


Paul (Sir James Paul MacCartney) said, “If the slaughterhouse could be glass-walled, everybody would be a vegetarian.”


I don’t think so.

I will try to approach some correction with counter his argument, but with my deep respect to him. Because I’m almost a vegetarian, but I’m also a carnivore under some certain conditions.




Slaughterhouse is not evil.

Upon Paul’s statement, how the people who working at the slaughterhouses in the world must be sad? They work as their duties, but we can see some discrimination against them in the world and which will never be disappeared today.


I believe that the workers in the slaughterhouses are trying hard to supply safety and good meats to people in the world every day, and people are enjoying to breed animals and eat meats daily, Therefore, I will ask people how can be critical for the workers at the slaughterhouses for producing meats?


The cattle farmers who are always loving the “animals of cattle” will feel distress at these situations. Even if their cattle must be killed for foods and will bring money to them, but they will never take care of the cattle as just like goods of slavery. They have a quite different love for their cattle from other’s love for pets.


The veterinary who will help cattle, the fishers who will catch fishes, the hunters who will work for mammalian pest control and produce meats and leathers, the cooks who will create a food culture, the civil service officers who will work for development of legal systems and the vegetable farmers who will use livestock as fertilizers, all are distressed by above the same situations. Our wealth of food culture has been upon these relations.


Some killing is inevitable.

We still have starvation in the world. Approximately 10 decades ago, the world big countries declared an oversupply of foods, but even the US has a poverty problem today, and much worse in the developing countries. Obviously, we are still at the step of unsatisfied world which is not able to help mutually and enough yet.

The vegetarianism should be a so luxury food style for people who could be living in a wealthy society, if not, it is quite difficult even to choose it for them.


Moreover, most of the slaughterhouses were glass-walled until decades ago, and today we still have some markets where people cook alive animals or rare meats in the shops.

I think that it is too easy and too ignore (if I can say) to argue that slaughter should be cruelty. The works of slaughter have been necessary for people since the dawn of history, and still be needed today and future for human life.


Sense of resistance against excessive animal welfare.

This is my question. If quitting the slaughterhouses, no one can keep any cat because cats are also carnivore. On the other word, protecting the whales by the certain countries with a religious reason, some happens, lots of fishes must be eaten by them


Every lives in the world must be connected in the same chain and human cannot handle it. I must feel some dogmatic theory on the vegetarianism activities and the animal humane societies in the “Western countries” as main in the world.

I also think, there are some inflaming activities with a different vibration from each culture for the ignorant people in the world, but I’m not sure yet. I really understand any argument with passions much more than logics, but I honestly could not accept the movie like Academy Award “THE COVE


The western mind which will control everything under each discrimination in the world,and

the oriental mind which will harmonize everything without any discrimination in the world.


Here is also my question. We, Japanese will have something strange feeling for some vegans. I believed that Paul and others of The Beatles as the western persons might have something oriental mind too.



I really agree with a glass-walled slaughterhouse.

And we are same as people who will eat meats and people who will keep any carnivorous pets. They including me should understand. I also agree with an idea of decreasing sadness of cattle.


However, the cattle are animals, actually quite different world and lives from human’s because they have the cruel situations for their lives as animals for human.

We including me like as people who don’t know the cattle farming cannot understand well.

How about Paul, do you really believe that “Be a vegetarian whole in the world!” is correct way, or not?



All our need is to mature our view of life and death.

By the way, my opinion for a glass-walled slaughterhouse will significantly be based on the other idea for a concept of lives. The lives must be connected in a row and no boundaries among them.


The lives are immaterially flowing and no one can hold and control them. There is the word of the impermanence of all things in the Buddhism world, which also means that everything always changes. Most of functions in our human body will automatically work without any consciousness.


Our hearts can work and pump by themselves for breathing and have a little portion to be controlled with consciousness. Sleeping is also out of consciousness, moreover, we cannot control our consciousness. We just deem ourselves to be able to do well.

We have quite few persons who can stop their thoughts flowing. If someone can do, he or she may have a practice of Zen or meditation. This is also my question, where is my life exactly without controlling my body and mind?


We misunderstand life.

Our daily actions will be controlled by the accumulated insensibilities and habits. And our insensibilities and habits must be controlled by the culture in birth place and each own character and we cannot choose any place to be born and any character.

If we could choose them by any immortal soul, it is my question when the soul was born? We will never to be at the moment of own birth, anyway and anyhow.


Therefore, there are many questions. Where am I now? What is “Me” feeling at the moment? Where is my life existing exactly?


The next step in vegetarianism.

Finally, please do not believe that human will control a body and a mind. Truth is counter.

We, humans are the puppets controlled by bodies and minds, not only humans animals,  plants and bugs, all are same mechanism. We are living in the world with fully creations on the earth. On the other word, the world is living in humans, not that we are living in the world (We can find some similar words in the Beetle’s numbers.).

It is a simple world for living, if eating meats and vegetables, and even drinking water in the world.


If you eat something or something eats you, there is no one. Today it is easy for us if you want to eat whatever you want upon the above opinion.

This is my final question, do we have to understand the lives for future, without any necessary for everybody to be vegetarians?



Don’t let me down.