The answer for my 5-years fasting history; Enzyme drink is no need for fasting.


I have ever tried to fast for 3 thru 10 days approximately 30 times.

I’m going to say, as a result, enzyme drink would not be necessary.

Because, fasting will be much effective without any enzyme drink, moreover, I’ve never taken that. High cost and unclear business talk, I can feel some doubt but not any necessity.

Take the enzyme drink for fasting! It is very doubtful, isn’t it?

→  2019/1/21  If you will try to lose a weight rapidly by fasting, it’s not right way.There was a terrible story. (Now only Japanese)




What is fasting?

Let’s study the beginning.

Fasting is the culture as a root of religious manner of non-eating.


Jesus fasted in wilderness for 40 days, Buddha learned by fasting.

Their purposes were mental and spiritual practices, not for diet.They took their lives in their own hands.

「Juses! It was so hard!」



In view of human science of the long time ago, fasting would be extremely dangerous trial. However, that has been proceeding by some people, because someone had done in the past.

Many people had illness because of non-eating and non-drinking completely, or partly.

In the Japanese Buddhism world, today some monks often become to be beriberi. Is it a practice?


Islamic Ramadan has the same culture. That is a same manner of non-eating in daytime for a month in a year (except the time from sunset thru sunrise).

Kids, aged, patients and pregnant will be excluded, so it’s flexible and safety.In the Islamic world, a semi-fast would be the national manner.

If we have a same manner in Japan, the medical cost for health control could be reduced.



Through these manners in the past, today the fasting was realized including the current scientific knowledges.

We will try to fast having water and minerals, exercising and taking preparation and recovery for eating, for the merits of fasting with the minimum risks.


Speaking of the merits of fasting;

Losing weight, reducing insides stress, detox effects, brain refresh, making a spare time, impaction removing, mind changing for eating, mental control, and some more.

Roughly speaking, it says, “Clean up insides by enzyme power!” (I learned on a lady magazine.)


The above each efficacy is true.

However, there are careful points. You may have the risks without any knowledge of food restriction and nutrition. Sometime, you must fall or become to be anorexia.


If you could fast carefully, fasting would be perfect magic medicine for every illnesses.

Fasting is very interesting method. You can change yourselves by non-eating a while.

Fasting should be re-evaluated in age of plenty.



Doubt of enzyme drink, now

Why do you need enzyme drink? It must be needed, is it? It could be something cheating business to ignorance of consumers, I think.

The enzyme drink is likely effective to the previous risks, but I like to take fresh vegetables in spite of a cup of enzyme juice.


I sometimes take a small quantity of vegetables and fruits depending on my health condition. (better than non-eating completely)

I can take the “natural enzyme” with suitable vitamins and small sugars.


I’m having plain miso soups without any additional for taking salts and a variety of minerals.

A miso soup is extremely good during fasting. Also, I’m having 2 litters of mineral water per a day at least. Honestly, boiled tap water will be alright for me.


I’ve been continuing fasting as my way long time, and satisfying the effects very much.

I’ve been very well for long time, particularly no suffering, nothing on my health condition, no trouble on health checkup and enjoying exercise much more than others.

I have no risks if I could be sure to take water and salts. If you will be afraid, please fix a previous period for reducing eating volume by bits before challenging fast.

Try to do it, before thinking!



Purpose of fasting is basically to improve an own physical power, taking enzyme additionally should not be necessary. Enzyme will be disassembled by digestion.

An effect of fasting will be largely different depending on each person, but I couldn’t find any reason of its necessity. We can perform fasting without any enzyme drink, some commercial message will be so doubtful. I think, it will be fake news for diet.


I know Billy’s Boot Camp. These are probably right ways.

But other commercial methods must be mess like easy drinking and soon to be done.

Fasting will be not the best but not the worst. It must take lots of time and energy, so can make a big business for spending money of people.



Taking the enzyme drink for fasting may be safety, but, is that really necessary? And is that really effective?

My answer is, it’s unnecessary.  


Fasting is very good for the mind, not only the body. We better try fasting without any other commercial information, can we do it?

I really wish many people to share in the benefits of fasting.




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