Person who upset abusing cats will slam into a big wall.


Daily SPA!  2018/6/7  – Ms. Aya Sugimoto is angry also. That’s too light punishment against the guy who killed 13 cats and made those videos.


I feel the same concern again about lot of people said like this.


“What the fucking kitty cat killers! You must be damn shit fucker! Go to the hell!”

“God damn mother fucker! Fuck youself! Should be die!”

“Jassass Christ fucking killer! Suck my asshole and go to the hell!”



Anyway, I could deeply understand.

Well, anyone can be pissed off abusing pets but also can eat the killed animals like a meat. Please wake up.

The comment, “Take care of animals’ lives!” was in the article.

You should think something different view on this point.



By the way, actually the value of human life must be same as one of cat. Even life of a cockroach has same value as any other life on the earth.


Let me tell you.

Presently, animals are not human according to laws in Japan. So, abusing animal means damage to property.

Long time ago, some humans were the belongings in slavery, just like cat as pet today.

What about today? Is any difference?

We have a case of spending a huge of money to save only one person, but other case of unknown genocide at somewhere in the world.


“Take care of animals’ lives!”



People have each different idea for each life and value of living beings, or sometimes, depending on laws and powers.

Some Islamic person was killed by the reason of having beefs in India, and the demonstration by Islamic people was held.



People have each different idea for each life and value of living beings, or sometimes, depending on laws and powers.


“Kill the cockroach killers!”


You should not love a cat only without humans. Moreover, the humans may be complicated. Humans, cats and cockroaches are just living beings on the earth, and into the space.

Therefore, the cats are not living ones, the cockroaches are living ones , and the humans can be the both. On the other words, there is no border between them and no priority of values.

These are just on your mind.


So, this is true.


Please relieve, if you can’t eat meats, or if you can’t love animals. There is no different between lives of humans and animals, and values of belongings definitely. This is fact.


Let’s have a relax and think about any solution, after the story of abusing cats.

If you would frankly say, “I just love only doggy and kitty cat world, no need others.”

You are the real human, so I love you.